St. Patrick’s Day Hangover Cures

Personally, I like some fresh watermelon (how boring! I really love a good nap, a pepperoni pizza and coke in my bed).

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday, March 17th, but no need to skip the party on a work night due to fear of looking as green as your beer the next morning! When headed to the office on Tuesday, no matter how late you stay out, we have fabulous beauty tips that will get you looking gorgeous once the green shirts, Guinness and glitter are gone. This year, the luck of the Irish won’t be needed if you follow our fast fixes for being fabulous!

St. Patrick’s Day Beauty Survival Guide

Tips for the Tuesday After

 What to fix: Messy Makeup


The beauty tricks:    Forget to wash your face when falling asleep after a night of good cheer? FAB Gentle Cleansing Wipes ($15, Sephora) are perfect for easily removing makeup, surface oils and impurities. You can leave them next to your bed, so when dashing out the door you can wash and go, leaving skin clean and refreshed.

What to fix: Under Eye Puffiness


The beauty tricks:    There is no pot of gold at the end of those upside-down rainbows under your eyes—so let’s get rid of them! Apply an eye gel packed with peptides to get your eyes back to looking normal. Environ’s C-Quence Eye Gel ($86, doctor’s offices, medical spas and wellness centers listed on has antioxidants and essential vitamins to replenish the fragile skin around your eyes.

What to fix: Dehydration Skin Nation


The beauty tricks:    Take a few minutes the morning after and apply a nourishing and moisturizing face mask, like Manuka Doctor Apinourish Rejuvenating Face Mask ($85, Sephora). With moisturizing ingredients like Manuka Honey, royal jelly, shea and cocoa butters, this mask is sure to calm irritated skin and give it a lovely glow.

 What to fix:  Paler Than an Irishman


The beauty tricks:    As you get older, the hangover hits later. Hydroxatone’s Anti-Acne CC Cream($59.95, is the perfect way to prep your skin for the long day ahead. This color-correcting, anti-aging cream not only moisturizes, it also prevents acne and leaves your skin with the perfect glow.

 What to fix:  Hangover Hair


The beauty tricks:    Even if you oversleep, clean hair is a key to avoiding the question, “Where were you last night?” You can get fabulous in five minutes with the Paul Mitchel Dry Wash ($20.98, professional salons only), an express dry, waterless shampoo that absorbs excess oils and instantly leaves hair looking and feeling freshly washed with a clean scent.

Have fun you Irish, happy-go-lucky, party-goers!











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