Sweet Stenciled Treats

Anything with a monogram is always classic an and chic, especially in the South! But if you’ve already run out of clothing and linens to monogram, why not take it to the next level and personalize a sweet treat!  Using a stencil and powdered sugar is an easy way to elevate a basic desert into something elegant.  While it looks fancy, with the right technique, it’s easy enough for anyone to achieve.

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats



  • Dessert: cupcakes, tarts, cakes, brownies all work great as long as long as there is an united, flat surface
  • Topping: powdered sugar (could even try cocoa powder and colored sugar too)
  • Stencil: use a pre-cut stencil from the craft store or get creative and make your own using household objects!
  • Sifter: like this or can use a mesh strainer to help evenly disburse the sugar

Note: if the dessert is moist, powdered sugar can tend to absorb, so may be best to stencil right before serving.

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats

Start with a dessert with a flat surface.

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats

Place stencil on dessert and hold firmly in place

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats

Using a sifter, lightly shake sugar until desired coverage is received.

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats

Gently remove stencil by lifting directly up and being careful not to slide to the side.

JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats

Add a garnish and serve…just make sure to prepare yourself for the “oohs and ahhhs” of your dinner guests.

Happy Baking!


Special thanks to Southern Living The Daily South for featuring this post!JJ Keras Lifestyle | Stenciled Treats


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