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Game Night

Looking for an activity for your next party?  Add a little something extra to your soiree and try a game that everyone will enjoy!  Games are perfect as icebreakers and can add an element of fun and humor for all your guests.

Blind Wine Tasting
JJ Keras Lifestyle | Party Games

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Basting, boiling, baking…and Bourbon!

In the midst of the frantic Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving dinner preparation, take a break from all of the basting, boiling, and baking…and sip some bourbon!   Relax and raise a toast in gratitude.

This bourbon cocktail adds a seasonal touch and captures fall flavors perfectly.   But once guests arrive, no one has time to play bartender and supervise food prep, so this cocktail is perfect for guests to DIY.

Bourbon Cider Ginger cocktail | JJ Keras Lifestyle

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Happy Friendsgiving!

While the holiday season is full of traditions,  it’s also the perfect opportunity to create new traditions and celebrate our friends–the family we choose!   A fun, casual gathering of friends calls for a modern spin on the traditional holiday menu.

Try a Thanksgiving meal “deconstructed:” all the favorite traditional foods re-imagined in bite sized hors d’oeuvres, perfect for a cocktail party.  The prep is easy: most items can be purchased and just assembled quickly for a chic presentation. Just a little piece of friendly advice: don’t tell Mom if you like it more than traditional Thanksgiving!

Happy Friendsgiving: modern Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvres | JJ Keras Lifestyle

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